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Building Plausible: June 2019 recap

• Written by Uku Taht
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I spent the second half of June back home in Estonia to recharge my batteries and reconnect with family+friends. Summer solstice is a huge celebration in Estonian culture so everyone seems to be on holiday at the moment, enjoying nature, good food and drinks. I haven’t had as much time for Plausible as I normally do, but I’m totally OK with that.

Still, some cool things happened with Plausible this month:

  • 🚀 Shipped public stats pages:You can now show off all the hard-earned traffic to your site
  • 🚀 Added support for ?ref= query param: Link tagging is a common practice to get accurate referrer information. This feature allows you to manually control the referrer.
  • 💵 MRR growth: 43.5%: Monthly revenue is at $67.91, up from $47.34 in May.
  • 👩 1347 unique visitors: Up from 1178 visitors in May. A lot of this traffic is organic from Google, Twitter, and the blog. I also do my best to participate in communities like IndieHackers which drives a lot of traffic.

I’ve also been working on Plausible documentation to make sure the product and features are crystal clear to everyone. I believe that good documentation is a competitive advantage, and I plan to spend more time improving the docs.

Looking forward

My main project in July is taking part in the IndieHackers 30 days of growth challenge. This will be a good test of my persistence and growth skills. The goal I’ve set for July is to get 40 new trial signups.

In terms of feature work, you can check out the public roadmap. The features not necessarily in the order I’m going to tackle them because I’m always trying to prioritise the easiest and biggest wins first.

Hope everyone has an amazing July. Stay tuned for the next update!

Written by Uku Taht

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